Crumble Cookies Are So Big They Burst In The Oven And It’s Entirely Normal

Crumble Cookies Are So Big They Burst In The Oven And It’s Entirely Normal

Crumble cookies are enormous. They’re so big, and you can’t buy one—you must buy two or three at once. They fill up a whole plastic tub. Most are about the size of your fist, but some go beyond that. The biggest is the sugar cookie, seemingly larger than my face when it comes out of its package.

There’s no question they’re big.

There’s no question they’re big. They’re really big. They’re bigger than your head, for sure. They’re even bigger than your head and your face combined (don’t worry—they won’t do that). We could keep going, but we’ll stop here. If you want to know how big the cookies are, picture yourself standing in the center of a room full of people who have their hands over their eyes because it’s too bright for them to see anything else other than giant crumble cookies floating around everywhere like tiny suns orbiting a larger one.

Now imagine that some people are trying to catch those glowing orbs by shooting laser beams out of their fingers (these people tend to be sadistic). Do this while listening to an upbeat song about always being happy!

They’re really big.

The cookie is immense. It is a behemoth of a cookie, and it’s not just big; it’s also thick. So, as you can imagine, if you’re not careful when biting into one of these cookies, you might end up with crumbs all over your face and clothes.

Large Crumble Cookies
Large Crumble Cookies

This can be avoided by slicing the cookie into smaller pieces before eating it—unless you’re hungry and don’t mind smearing frosting all over yourself like an animal! I recommend making sure that napkins are available at all times when eating Cookies Crumble (or any other type of food).

So big, you can’t buy just one. So instead, they fill up a whole plastic tub.

You can’t buy just one. If you try, you’ll be sad. The reason is simple: they’re so big that they occupy the entire plastic tub and take up half of your refrigerator when fully cooled. It’s not a problem for me because I live alone, but if you live with roommates or have a family, it’s probably better to get two or three at a time, so no one has to share their refrigerator space with these treats.

The best part about this cookie is how good it tastes after being refrigerated overnight (or longer). When I was growing up, my mom always made peanut butter sandwiches on white bread with chocolate chip cookies baked in the oven after school every day during winter break—it was our favorite treat!

Most are about the size of your fist, but some go beyond that.

Most Crumble cookies are about the size of your fist, but some go beyond that. They’re big. You will have to use both hands to eat them, and you might need to put down the second one so you can pick up your drink or something else. These cookies are big enough for three people to share if you share them with friends (if they’re not too close).


If you don’t have friends around when eating a Crumble cookie, we recommend that you find one quickly because these things are pretty hard to finish alone: they’re huge! If there isn’t anyone nearby who can help with this endeavor, we recommend ordering more than one box at once—it’s worth it!

The biggest is the sugar cookie, seemingly larger than my face.

The largest cookie is the Sugar Cookie, which appears to be larger than my face. This cookie is great for sharing and can easily accommodate an entire family or party. The Chocolate Chip Cookie is also big enough to share, but it is smaller than the sugar cookie. This might be a better option if you have fewer people in your group.

The Peanut Butter cookie is significantly smaller than both options—but if you are craving something sweet, this tasty treat will surely satisfy you!

Crumble cookies are gigantic!

Crumble cookies are so large that you can’t get them in the oven. The oven is too small to accommodate these monstrously sized snacks. If you try to put one in your oven, it will roll out like a deck of cards and take up room on your kitchen counter.

No worries, though: there are plenty of other ways to bake Crumble cookies! For example, if you have access to a wood-burning stove or hearth (or even just an open fire pit), place the cookie directly on top of that source of heat and let it bake until golden browned goodness appears.

If baking isn’t your thing and you want something more convenient than heating some coals outdoors—or perhaps don’t live somewhere such methods are even possible—don’t fret! Everyone knows someone who’s got an enormous kitchen with industrial-strength equipment. Ask them nicely if they’ll let you use their stovetop or range once before they need it again (make sure they aren’t going away on vacation).


Crumble cookies are a soft and delicious treat you can enjoy at home. They are sold in many places, but they can also be made home with just a few ingredients!


1. What are the dimensions of the Crumble cookie?

The Crumble Cookie is a lot larger than most other cookies. Our standard cookie is approximately 4 1/2 inches in diameter, with the mini being only slightly smaller at 2 1/2 inches across. This may seem like an abnormally large cookie, but we’re confident that once you taste it, you’ll agree that size doesn’t matter.

2. How much does each Crumble cookie weigh?

Crumble’s cookies are approximately 5.5oz each. Weights vary slightly due to the fact that everyone’s ovens are different, but we ensure that we bake at the perfect temperature so that all of our cookies bake perfectly every time.

3. What does Crumbl do with leftover cookies?

Crumble Cookie is happy to donate cookies to a local fire department, hospital, and schools in many of the cities we open in. The goal of this program is to help support our community and keep our cookie-loving friends happy!”

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