How to Use Imginn to View and Download Instagram Photos, Videos, and Story Highlights

How to Use Imginn to View and Download Instagram Photos, Videos, and Story Highlights

About Imginn 

Imginn lets you make use of Instagram without having to sign up with the Instagram account. It requires the use of a Facebook account. This means you will need to create separate accounts for your business. It may be worth enrolling in it even when you just post only a handful of photos per day.

An authentic Instagram account will permit users to upload up to 10 photos every day. Also, you get 50 photo credits every month once you sign-up to the app. Any remaining credits after the close of the month will be rolled over into additional days for free.

Step-by-step instruction for creating an account on Imginn

To sign up for an account on this application. Follow the steps given below.

  • Create an account. Log into the main application. To create a password, enter your email address. Secure passwords are needed.
  • Then, enter the email address you previously set to login into your account.

How Can I Use Imginn?


It’s simple to use. Users can access any profile that is public on Instagram models or stars. Follow these easy steps to access the profiles that are public for Instagram models and other celebrities.

  • Start an internet browser
  • In the search bar you can type “imginn.”
  • If you want to have more ease of use and enhanced search results You can also use using google before opening.
  •  Open the first link ( after the ads. It will have an URL to the Imginn website.
  • After the site is loaded it will show the search bar.
  • Enter the name of the name of any Instagram public account that you would like to see stories or posts Then hit Search.
  • You can view the Instagram account. But, you are able to browse their Instagram stories in anonymity.

Why Do You Need an Instagram Story Viewer and Downloader?

Many people like to save images and videos that they can share with their friends or share on other sites. However, you’re able to look at the posts of influencers and not save the posts. In fact, Ig has been given the option to save the post, but not the option to save the story. So, Ig has no other option than for downloading content via the photo sharing application.

Instagram doesn’t allow you to download images or videos directly onto your smartphone. The majority of users will take photos of their posts, but you’ll need hyperlinks to share the videos. There must be an option to download the stories and pictures. The reason IG restricts downloads is security.

There should be the option of downloading the videos for ease of use. It’s difficult to share the link since it requires a login profile. In the present day, where users are using a variety of applications, there has to be a method to download images from Instagram. Yes, it is Imginn!

Is Imginn Free?

Imginn gives you access for free to the content available on Instagram. It also gives you access to Instagram’s story downloader for free. If you are visiting the site here are the top points.

  • There is no restriction regarding establishing a second account to use its services.
  • There is no need to pay for any fees.
  • You can utilize all the features available in the instagram viewer of Imginn without spending a dime. You can also download videos, stories, images and IGTV content.

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Best Imginn Alternative Services

Here’s a brief overview of the top sites that are similar to for downloading Instagram Reels and posts. The greatest benefit is that you can use an anonymous method to save Instagram reels of other Instagram accounts by using these sites.

Certain the services listed are offered for free , while other services are offered at cost.


S.No Imginn Alternative Service Type
1. Saveinsta Free
2. QoobStories Paid
3. Storiesig Free
4. Biblogram Free
5. Instalkr App Only
6. Websta Paid
7. Glassgram Paid
8. Instagram Free
9. Free
10. Smihub Free
11. Smihub Free

How to Use Imginn to View and Download Instagram Photos, And Videos . 

To access it, visit The website will ask users to enter the username of the individual they wish to see.

If the user’s profile page is includes photos, select the photo or video you’re interested in and you’ll get the link to the profile page of the user to download the image as well as the video.

Then, click”Download Now” or the Blue Download Text to download the specific image or video.

It’s a great way to download Instagram pictures and videos onto your computer, without Dropbox or any other third-party service.

Pros And Cons Of ImgInn



What I love about ImgInn: you can browse Instagram without having an account.

  • You can download any type of post including photos and videos.
  • You can check out your personal profile as well as other profiles of your account and download them, too.
  • Surf anonymously, and no one will be aware of your download.
  • Separate menu for downloading Instagram-related files in a variety.
  • A fast and uninterrupted download process.


  •  ImgInn is unable to be able to monitor your private account, so it is unable to process your private account’s posts and videos.
  • The interface isn’t able to permit users to view the number of views or likes on posts.
  • There is a chance of privacy issues and hacking, as the site does not have privacy notices or copyright concerns.

Is Imginn safe to use?

We cannot ensure your safety online since it is a part of third-party websites. This means that we cannot ensure your security online.

It’s a third-party site that uses Instagram’s API public to access all its features. Although it’s using Instagram’s official API Instagram however, we’re not sure of its safety.


If you’re looking to be able to keep track of an Instagram account without having to notify them this app could be a great option. You can also use the application to view an individual’s Instagram stories or profiles. This is all possible through this app. Except for a few restrictions It has a plethora of features that are useful.

Frequently Asked Question 

Q.1 Can I download photos from Instagram by using Imginn?

Ans – You can save Instagram pictures via hyperlinks. In order to do that, you can use our tool to download Instagram photos.

Q.2 Can I save videos from Instagram by using Imginn?

Ans – Download videos on Instagram with just 2 clicks. In order to do that, make use of the Instagram Video Downloader.

Q.3 Can I utilize a photo I downloaded with Imginn?

Ans – These videos are intended for informational use only! Don’t use the work of others’ images and videos. All rights belong to the owners of the images and videos.

Q.4 Can I view a private Instagram story via Imginn?

Ans – No! In order to see an Instagram story, it has to be accessible to the public.

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