How to Know Airtel Phone Number Using the USSD Code

How to Know Airtel Phone Number Using the USSD Code


One of India’s largest telecom firms is Bharti Airtel. The telecoms firm has a broad national footprint. In the country, the corporation provides strong customer service as well as stable 4G networks. While most of you have undoubtedly memorized your phone numbers, there may be times when you forget. It could be a secondary phone number you rarely use, or it could be a new cell number you’ve recently switched to. Whatever the cause, if you’re in this scenario, there’s a simple answer.

Airtel provides a myriad of methods for quickly determining your cellphone number. If you have internet connectivity, you can look up the number using the Airtel Thanks app. You can also use USSD codes, which simply involve calling a certain code. In fact, USSD codes allow you to check several things such as balance, data, validity, and more. So, if you’ve misplaced your Airtel cellphone number, we’ve put together this method to help you find it quickly.

 Airtel Number Using  USSD Code

The telecom operator offers a slew of intriguing USSD codes for learning more How to Know Your Airtel  Number . The abbreviation for unstructured supplemental service data is USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data).The codes make it possible to obtain all of the information about various services without having to contact customer support. However, you must know the exact code in order to obtain the information you seek. If you need to find your Airtel phone number, follow these steps:


1. Navigate to Dialer in your mobile phone’s Phone app.
2. Dial *129*9#, *121*1#, or *282#
3. A pop-up notice with your Airtel mobile number will show on your phone’s screen.


By calling 121 or 198, customers may also get in touch with Airtel’s customer support department. Press 1 for mobile services, then follow the IRV instructions to get your mobile number, validity, balance, and other information.

How to know Your Airtel Phone Number Online

You can also check your cellphone number using the Airtel Thanks app. Follow the below guidelines to begin:


1. Get the Airtel Thanks app from Google Play or the Apple App Store.
2. You can download the app to your phone by choosing “Install the app.”
3. Log in to the Airtel Thanks app.
4. The top of the screen will display your Airtel mobile number.


The Airtel Thanks app also shows all the information related to your phone number, including the balance, validity, data use, and more. Additionally, the program allows for instant recharging, and the business also runs additional discounts.

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How can I get my Airtel mobile number through customer service?

Feel free to call the customer service number to check their Airtel mobile number as well. Users can phone 121 or 198 from their Airtel mobile number that is registered and follow the prompts to get the mobile number’s balance and validity.

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